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Windows vista development

Windows vista isn’t the best windows release but once you know all the work that went into it, you might think that it should be a amazing release or you might feel bad for the Microsoft developers but we can get into that later now let’s start from the beginning.

In 1999 when windows XP was in development Microsoft made a plan Neptune later XP longhorn later vista and blackcomb later windows 7, longhorn was supposed to be a small release and backcomb was supposed to be a super feature packed release. In 2002 right after windows xp was released Microsoft started the development of longhorn, longhorn builds were vary different but one thing they had in common was the side bar on the desktop in vista we had gadgets but in 2005 longhorn had to many features so Microsoft reset the development of windows vista witch was now it’s name after windows vista beta 1&2 Windows vista hit the market as a feature packed release. Windows became blackcomb but then the the plan was already messed up. Please come back to or donate, thanks, Edward.

This picture of windows longhorn build 3718 is from

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