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The raspberry pi 4

In the Minecraft server post part 1 I said “ The raspberry pi has many possibilities” but I never told you what the raspberry was. The raspberry is a 35$ desktop desktop computer with no Monitor, it doesn’t have a Intel or AMD CPU it has a arm CPU so it can’t run a 32 or 64 bit OS so you have to install Arm64 Linux distributions like Ubuntu server or now desktop, CentOS, RaspberrypiOS, and balenaOS for IOT but you can’t install windows on it. The raspberry pi is great for a IOT DIY project, a DIY server, and a budget desktop computer. The last thing you should know about the raspberry pi 4 is that it doesn’t have a hard drive or a SSD so it uses a microSD card so you can install a lot Operating systems. Soon I might a post about all the raspberry pi computer. Please come back to the, thanks, Edward.

This picture of a raspberry 4 is from
This video is from the raspberry YouTube channel.

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