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The iMac

About now the iMacs you see have the same shape even for the new M1 cpu the iMac didn’t get an update but there was a time when the iMac design would change for every new major update. Remember when macs had power pc cpus starting with the iMac G3 had a clear egg design but when the iMac G4 was released it had a LCD screen so it got a lamp design, personality it my favorite it may have inspired by a concept from the TAM learn more in the TAM post at The iMac G4 has G4 cpu, it was released on January 7 2002 with macOS 9 and X but then on 2003 only macOS X and the final one had USB 2.0. Eventually it was disconnected and the new iMac G5 was released with the almost same design as the the iMac 2020 more plastic and white. The iMac G5 was the last power pc iMac because in 2006 we got the almost same computer but with an Intel cpu and a camera and called the Polycarbonate iMac, on 2007 the new iMac was aluminum so it was the aluminum iMac 2008, the design that we have today is from the Unibody iMac from 2009, these macs are pretty cool, Edward.

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