Cumputers from 1985 to 2015

The Apple TAM

In the 90s there was a computer to premium that is cost 7,000$ the Apple 20th anniversary Macintosh! The computer in Batman is the 1st prototype of TAM. There are some cool concepts of the TAM you might like some of them. The TAM was made in the time when Steve Jobs but Jony Ive did go into the development of it and maybe the Imac G4 may have been from one of the concepts, Thank for going on the AI Blog, Edward.

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Thanks for sharing it. I feel there were so many good ideas just not in right time at right cost. You may want to know an Amazon practice called ‘try fast and fail fast’.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention that the TAM was discontinued 9 months after is was released in the keynote but you could see it in the keynote not many people clapped. 🥲

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