AI Updates

Repost of: A Robot powered by NLP and DP.

This is a photo taken in Nanjing, China.

This robot from a nanjing hotel is able to talk the NLP and has deep leaning you can see all of it if you’re stuck in a elevator and It has lots of data about the hotel, if you give a call to the lobby for something you maybe will give a visit from it as seen from the photo.

This is just a sample of the blog there is so much more stuff on the blog and this robot is from the spring of 2019 it’s already been 2 year this robot is probably a lot more advanced, and this is just one thing that uses ai. Please check the shop and use it to donate. If you have any questions email us call us, and I have Instagram account @eddy_techy6 so please check it out to see you!

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