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Pi hole

So after the Minecraft server project with balena cloud 1 of things I tried I deployed the Minecraft server with balena hub 1 of the things I saw was pi hole. I looked in pi hole to pi hole with the pi hole website, pi hole is software that you can install on your raspberry pi to turn it to a DNS as blocking device unlike other software when your device ask for a blacklisted domain it just won’t ask the router and I know this works because I tested out with and After running the command for the pi hole installation you will need to set some settings it will ask you if you want to use a eth0 (Ethernet) or wlan0 (wifi) choose for the next questions I just pressed ok for all of them but you can do it definitely, once it’s done to set it up on a iPad just go into settings right next to your wifi SSID press the I button then press DNS, Manual and enter your raspberry pi’s hostname. Please come back to for more, Thanks, Edward

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