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Sending drug delivering robots into the brain

Michael Shpigelmacher who is a robotics geek wanted to build the real-life equivalent of technology from the 1960s film “Fantastic Voyage”, the one where the submarine crew is shrunk to “About the size of a microbe” and sent on a mission to repair a scientist’s brain. Now 5 years later, he has a company called “Bionaut Labs” where a millimeter-sized, screw-shaped, cell-penatrating robot, designed to drop biological bombs on command to precise spots in the body. VC has helped the biotech collecting more than $20M to push their remote-controlled therapeutic toward the clinic for brain disorders, ideally by 2023. The biotech said there is no other company that does remote-controlled micro-robotics in the industry. There are some similar techniques from other biotech, but those can only go to gut, but not the brain. The goal for Bionaut is to broaden the therapeutic window for drug . The company chose to focus first on neurology because it’s an area with many failures. Please check the Bionaut site for more:

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Exciting news on AI for cancer drug development

Roche and Genentech’s latest AI collaborator raises $25M Series A to reinvent one of the oldest cancer targets, check this link for more detail:

The biotech will use machine learning and other computational methods to study the structure of kinases and ultimately design drugs that can knock them out. Kinases may seem an old and solved problem, but it was pointed out that they are also an area where specificity becomes crucial; a “healthy” kinase and an oncogenic one may only differ by an amino acid or two, and a drug that hits both may run into the kind of safety issues that plagued the Pi3K space for a decade. New tools can help discern the difference.

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