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The iPhone 13

A new iPhone already? I don’t see much of a difference of design. Okay so this isn’t the BIGGEST update since the iPhone 4. But, apple did make some smaller improvements, like a new cross camera, with the ceramic shield from the iPhone 12, there’s also the iPhone 13 mini like the iPhone 12, and that SAME design as the iPhone 12ish. But, with a faster processor which is the A15 Bionic, Apple claimed that they’re are still competitors playing catch up with it processors, it has 2 high-performance cores and 4 high-efficiency cores. Apple released the iPhone 13 in “pink, blue, midnight, starlight, and product (RED)”, and the iPhone 13 has a Super Retina XDR display which apple says is 28% brighter. The iPhone 13 has a new wide angle camera which is able to capture 47 light more light. iPhone 13 also now has “center shift optical image stabilization”. Also apple introduced cinematic mode for the camera which basically makes the camera follow you in a cinematic way. With the iPhone’s battery, apple said the iPhone 13 mini has 1.5 hour longer battery life than the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 13 has 2.5 hour better battery life than the iPhone 12. Just like last year’s iPhone models the iPhone 13 mini starts at $699 and the iPhone 13 starts at $799. My thoughts are: if you’re getting into the apple ecosystem then buy the iPhone SE, if your buying the iPhone for work then get the iPhone 8, and if you want a newer iPhone with 5G think about purchasing the iPhone 12 instead of the iPhone 13 the price will come down and it’s still a iPhone with 5G, but if you still want those performance and camera upgrades then get the iPhone 13. Wow that was way longer than normal posts with lots of camera updates and long words, imagine how long that would have been if I wrote about the WHOLE event, that why I will post detailed recaps of different parts of apple’s September 14 event like the Apple Watch, the iPhone 13 pro, the new iPad, and the iPad mini. As always thank you so much for in this post on and please continue reading, this has been Edward Huang and have a great day or night.

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The 2021 April 20th apple event

The first apple event of the year has a lot of new things so we just made this post as a recap.