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Welcome to were we write about old tech, new tech, and cool tech but reason this blog exist is because that AI is becoming more widespread even though you might not have a AI robot vacuum you have one in the future, in the coming lots of helpful tech could be invented, but this blog also talks about old tech like how you may be reading this on a phone a tablet sometimes you should wonder how did we get a mini computer in our pockets and hand from a computer that was as big as a room I hope that more people can read this blog and as always please come back to or donate, thanks, Edward.

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Welcome to the AI blog!

2020 was a big year for AI there was a lot of that in CES 2020, but we still have a lot to wait before AI is vary smart and cheap in the market. There are also still innovations to be made and thats why this blog exists. Thank you for visiting the AI blog, Edward.