Cumputers from 1985 to 2015

Apple before the Macintosh

Many people know Apple for making The Macintosh, ipad, mac, iphone, and apple watch but the apple 1, 2, 3, and Lisa isn’t mentioned as much.

The apple 1.

The first computer that apple made was the apple 1 but you had to make it by yourself still it was a amazing computer for the time you could use it with a TV and that’s how many people used it.

The apple 2

We made a post about the apple 2 but here’s a recap the apple 2 was a update to the apple 1 but it shipped assembled the apple 2 had a case for it to be in. The apple 2 had many update like the 2ie, 2ci, and 2cx the last apple 2 was the 2vx it was the first macintosh with a CD drive.

The apple 3

The next update to the apple 2 was the apple 3 the product wasn’t vary good with people and many still were buying the apple 2 because sill for sale. And a still ran the apple SOS.

The apple Lisa

About the same time the apple 3 was for sale and sold the Lisa it was the first apple computer to run a GUI witch was the apple lisa system software. The lisa wasn’t the best with people because the lisa didn’t have backwards compatibility because of the GUI.

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