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Windows 11

Even though windows 10 was supposed to be the last version of windows Microsoft seems to have went back on they’re decision because they have just announced windows 11. Now when you first thing you might notice when start windows up for the first time is that they is a whole new design but once you start using it you notice that you’re PC is faster. Thank you for reading this post please continue reading, also WWDC 2021 post coming soon.

Cumputers from 1985 to 2015

The eMac

Many apple products have the I in the name like the iPod, iPhone, and iPad but in the early 2000s apple was producing the eMac. By the time that the iMac G4 was the newest iMac apple want to get back into education market but the iMac G4 wasn’t vary good in this market because the LCD screen was too expensive so with the eMac they use a CRT the E also stands for education. The eMac got updated a little but the was disconnected. Thank you for visiting, Edward.

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