Minecraft server project

Minecraft server part 2

So here’s a recap 1 day I wanted to make a Minecraft server, I tried to make it with raspberrypiOS but even when installing it but it didn’t work, then I used balenaOS with balena cloud but it just didn’t work. So after Tony read the balena docs we realized that we need to deploy it with balena cloud so after that it said that it was 100 ticks behind so after reinstall it 5 times it said the server properties file was empty remember that file. Also at this time I was browsing the Minecraft website and was going to download the Java Minecraft server but it said it said the Minecraft Java server doesn’t work on bedrock so I couldn’t do that. Please come back to, thank, Edward.

This picture is from the Minecraft website.


Maybe one of your childhood memories are sitting down after school booting the computer to windows 95 or 98 but, at that time Linux 1.0 around by now if you’ve stuck to windows you might not know about Ubuntu Linux. Ubuntu was made to compete with Debian, Ubuntu 4.10 was the first version launched on 2004 October. Unlike windows or other linux distributions the version number is based on release date. Ubuntu has many long term releases the first 6.04. Today Ubuntu 20.10 is the current version of Ubuntu you can run it on a 64 bit computer or a raspberry pi. Soon I might make a Ubuntu history post but for now bye, please visit again, thanks, Edward.

This picture Ubuntu 20.10 Desktop edition is from Ubuntu by the way there is a sever edition, core or IOT edition, and there used to be a netbook edition.
Raspberry pi

The raspberry pi 4

In the Minecraft server post part 1 I said “ The raspberry pi has many possibilities” but I never told you what the raspberry was. The raspberry is a 35$ desktop desktop computer with no Monitor, it doesn’t have a Intel or AMD CPU it has a arm CPU so it can’t run a 32 or 64 bit OS so you have to install Arm64 Linux distributions like Ubuntu server or now desktop, CentOS, RaspberrypiOS, and balenaOS for IOT but you can’t install windows on it. The raspberry pi is great for a IOT DIY project, a DIY server, and a budget desktop computer. The last thing you should know about the raspberry pi 4 is that it doesn’t have a hard drive or a SSD so it uses a microSD card so you can install a lot Operating systems. Soon I might a post about all the raspberry pi computer. Please come back to the, thanks, Edward.

This picture of a raspberry 4 is from
This video is from the raspberry YouTube channel.
Website updates

New things February 2021

First we got and new smtp mail system if you can’t see the email check your junk or spam. Now you can also register for a account witch is some of the things that uses the new smtp mail system. We are testing the new store and maybe you donate for the website in the future, we also are trying as hard as we can to move away from the templates and more into a unique website or blog. Please come back to soon for new updates and more, Thank’s, Edward.

Minecraft server project

Minecraft Server Part 1

The raspberry pi has many possibilities but there’s one I can’t unlock, making a Minecraft server with it. First, I tried keeping the raspberrypiOS by using the terminal but no it didn’t work, then I went all over then internet one popular way was using balena cloud. Go to use balena cloud, download balenaOS and install it on your raspberry pi. That’s all for part 1 come back every week to to see a new part and more. Thank’s, Edward.

Cumputers from 1985 to 2015


The iBook was like a early 2000s MacBook it was discontinued when the intel switch began and created the MacBook. The first iBook was the iBook G3 clamshell it’s design matched the iMac G3’s lean more at our iMac post the next iBook was the iBook G3 snow instead of a clamshell design it had a square design. The iBook G4 snow was next iBook it had the same snow design but a different CPU, the last iBook was the was the iBook G4 polycarbonate it was bigger and was polycarbonate. There was no iBook G5 it probably was one of the reasons was apple switched to intel.


Exciting news on AI for cancer drug development

Roche and Genentech’s latest AI collaborator raises $25M Series A to reinvent one of the oldest cancer targets, check this link for more detail:

The biotech will use machine learning and other computational methods to study the structure of kinases and ultimately design drugs that can knock them out. Kinases may seem an old and solved problem, but it was pointed out that they are also an area where specificity becomes crucial; a “healthy” kinase and an oncogenic one may only differ by an amino acid or two, and a drug that hits both may run into the kind of safety issues that plagued the Pi3K space for a decade. New tools can help discern the difference.

Looking forward to some breakthrough soon, Lei!

Cumputers from 1985 to 2015 Other tech

The iMac

About now the iMacs you see have the same shape even for the new M1 cpu the iMac didn’t get an update but there was a time when the iMac design would change for every new major update. Remember when macs had power pc cpus starting with the iMac G3 had a clear egg design but when the iMac G4 was released it had a LCD screen so it got a lamp design, personality it my favorite it may have inspired by a concept from the TAM learn more in the TAM post at The iMac G4 has G4 cpu, it was released on January 7 2002 with macOS 9 and X but then on 2003 only macOS X and the final one had USB 2.0. Eventually it was disconnected and the new iMac G5 was released with the almost same design as the the iMac 2020 more plastic and white. The iMac G5 was the last power pc iMac because in 2006 we got the almost same computer but with an Intel cpu and a camera and called the Polycarbonate iMac, on 2007 the new iMac was aluminum so it was the aluminum iMac 2008, the design that we have today is from the Unibody iMac from 2009, these macs are pretty cool, Edward.